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What’s Being Done?

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The U.S. implemented “hit- and- run humanitarianism” for relief. Humanitarian aid workers run in and out of Somalia to deliver food and immunizations in an aid invasion.

The U.N. implemented “beach landing” in Marka and delivered 3,500 tons of food for a month

Oxfam is working with several partner agencies to provide funding and tech assistance to allow them to deliver aid to displaced people in the areas surrounding Mogadishu. They are working to provide water, sanitation, shelter, food, household necessities, and psycho- social help.

The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies is another organization working toward the relief of the Somali people. Their main focuses are health care, humanitarian values, and capacity development.


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For the Children

UNICEF received an 8.8 million dollar grant from The Global Fund to aid in the fight against Malaria, AIDS, and Tuberculosis. Nearly 33,000 insecticide treated bed nets were distributed to help prevent Malaria. Vaccinations against measles and diphtheria were delivered along with vitamin A supplements to about a million. UNICEF and it’s partners have delivered meals to about 11,000 malnourished children monthly. UNICEF is also working toward protecting these vulnerable children from sexual abuse, female genital mutilation, and child prostitution.

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