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Issues of the Somali People

Between October 27th and 30th, 2007 and estimated 88,000 people fled Somalia because of violence and famine. Not only were these people escaping violence but they were leaving their homes, being separated from their families, and some were killed while trying to flee. Those who did get away, fled to places where there were thousands of other people running from the same problem. The issue there is that the people were going to places that had little or no access by humanitarian relief and like most places, there is a limited capacity. Less than 30% of the population has access to clean water. Clan leaders, warlords, and unruly militiamen make it very difficult for humanitarian relief workers to help stabilize Somalia. They threat, fight, bomb, and kidnap aid workers in the process of lending a helping hand to this nation.Clan leaders and militia men have displaced about 375,000 Somali people. They don’t understand that they’re there to help, not harm. Few of the Somali people are able to receive vaccinations for popular diseases like measles and cholera. It has been estimated that about 87% of Somalis are at risk of malaria. These diseases effect unborn Somali children as well. The infant mortality rate is about 225 per every 1,000 births. The main causes for these deaths are diarrhoeal disease, respiratory problems, and the aforementioned malaria. 


January 15, 2008 - Posted by | E. Problems

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