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If journalists and broadcasters continue to publish stories about the Somali people and their oppression, it will bring more attention to the problem. Hopefully more attention will bring more concern. With more people concerned about the issue comes more ideas to help bring the problems to an end and more hands to help with the work that it’s going to take. I feel that the biggest issue is that there aren’t enough people who are aware of the problem, therefore they cant be a part of the solution. I think that with all of the humanitarian relief workers that are available and passionate about what they do, there is a possibility of changing Somalia around. There has to be a way to communicate to them that the aid being provided to them is sincere and the conflict lies in their mistrust. We have to find a way to make these people understand that there is am much better way of life for them if the violence and resistance comes to a halt. Innocent people are spending their days wondering if they’re going to be able to eat, barely grasping onto life. Violence serves as the main force, driving people from their homes in an attempt to minimize the population. These people are suffering problems that are nothing short of terror. Men and especially women are brutalized, children are forced into premature adulthood by acts like prostitution, and babies are born with more diseases than one could imagine. Is outside involvement going to help rebuild this nation? Will this unjust behavior ever come to an end? Let’s just keep our fingers crossed. 


January 15, 2008 - Posted by | G. Analysis

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